Radicchio in tempura 12 €

Radicchio in tempura, mayonnaise with radicchio oil, sweet-spicy sauce

Cannelloni stuffed with burrata 13 €

Homemade cannelloni, burrata, homemade tomato jam, olive oil

Shrimps tartare 15 €

Shrimps, chilli, lime, radicchio mayonnaise, spirulina, rice crackers

Beefsteak tartare 17 €

Classic beefsteak tartar, potato chips from Imotski, chive oil

Onion, egg and black truffle 20 €

Our version of French onion soup, poached egg, crispy bread with cheese, black truffle

Chicken liver pate 15 €

Chicken liver pate, coffee and thyme sauce, homemade plum jam, baby salad, homemade brioche


Pumpkin and chestnut soup 7 €

Roasted pumpkin soup, chestnut, pumpkin oil

Prawn soup 8 €

Our version of Tom kha gai soup, sphere of coconut, lemongrass, chilli, chives, prawns (slightly spicy soup)

Beef tail soup 7 €

Beef tail soup, carrot, parsley, passatelli pasta

Main courses

Beefsteak risotto 17 €

carnaroli rice, steak, parmigiano, chives, sun-dried tomatoes

Squid risotto 17 €

Carnaroli rice, Adriatic squid ragout, sea herbs, squid ink, chives

Black gnocchi with scallops and mussels 17 €

Handmade black gnocchi, scallops, mussels, chilli

Beetroot ravioli filled with gorgonzola 17 €

Homemade ravioli filled with gorgonzola cream, beetroot cream, walnuts, olive oil

Fettuccine with beef ragout 16€

Homemade and handmade fettucine, beef, parmesan sauce

Wiener Schnitzel 18 €

breaded veal, potato salad

Veal 18 €

slow-roasted veal, potatoes, carrots, veal jus

Black Slavonian pig 25 €

Black Slavonian pork loin breaded in Parmesan cheese, beetroot millefeuille, vegetable jus, apple cream

Fish Wellington 26 €

Fresh white fish fillet in puff pastry, mushroom cream, chard, radicchio in tempura, bergamot cream, radicchio mayonnaise

Salmon trout 22 €

Salmon trout in panko crumbs, buttered grits, fried rastika, salmon trout jus, chive mayonnaise

Beef Wellington 29 €

Steak in puff pastry with Drniš prosciutto and mushroom cream, potato cream, beef jus


Fresh leafy salad (portion) 4 €
Homemade bread (portion) 2 €
Couvert 2 € / 15,07 kn