Zucchini flower 13 €

Zucchini flower in tempura stuffed with fresh goat cheese, roasted tomato jam

Beefsteak tartare 17 €

Hand-chopped beefsteak, confit potatoes, anchovies, hazelnuts, crispy bread, cheese

Goof ceviche 15 €

Marinated gof in lime and olive oil, cream of grilled avocado and sesame oil, nasturtium, spring onion

Vongola and sea urchin 17 €

Grilled vongole, coconut cream, sea urchin, sushi rice, macadamia nuts, wild strawberries

Grilled young peas and Lika bass 14 €

Grilled young peas, local Lika cheese, nasturtium, parsley leaf, kulen sauce

Scallops and prosciutto Iberico de Bellota 17 €

Baked scallops, thinly sliced Iberico de Bellota prosciutto, peach, basil, Riesling reduction

Burrata 13 €

Burrata with asparagus, strawberries, olive oil, basil

Prawn skewers 17 €

Prawn skewers, “bun” stuffed with horseradish and spring onions, cream


Pea and mint soup 9 €

Pea soup, fresh mint

Prawn soup 8 €

Our version of Tom kha gai soup, prawns, coconut sphere, chives

Main courses

Steak risotto 17 €

Carnaroli rice, steak, sun-dried tomatoes, chives, parmigiano

Risotto with forest mushrooms 21 €

Carnaroli rice, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, baby spinach, parmigiano, chives

Potato dough with tomato 17 €

Luleki made of potato dough in roasted tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, parmesan crust

Cacio e pepe 18 €

Handmade spaghetti, pepper sauce and pecorino cheese

Wiener Schnitzel 21 €

Breaded veal, potato salad

Veal 21 €

Slow-roasted veal, baked potatoes, baby carrots, veal jus

Octopus 21 €

Grilled Adriatic octopus, baked potatoes, tomato sauce, baby carrots, crisps, octopus sauce

Squid 24 €

Grilled Adriatic squid, chard, candied garlic cream, parsley sauce, white bean cream, fish jus

Grilled sea bass 26 €

Grilled sea bass, pea cream, green beans, beans, black Istrian truffle, fish jus

Chicken 21 €

Chicken fillet baked in brown butter, slow-cooked boneless drumstick, porcini mushrooms, cherry cream, chicken jus, green beans

Quail 26 €

Roasted quail breast, drumstick breaded in hazelnuts, potato foam, dehydrated black olives, quail jus, young salad

Sirloin steak 28 €

Grilled sirloin steak, corn, red pepper caramel, broccoli, beef jus

Beef Wellington 32 €

Steak in puff pastry with mushroom cream and Drniš prosciutto, potato cream, beef jus


Tiramisu 9 €

Mascarpone and whiskey cream, chocolate ganache, coffee ice cream, homemade cookies

Pistachio souffle 10 €

Pistachio souffle, pistachio ice cream

Peach 9 €

Olive oil sponge cake, slow-roasted peach cream, basil ice cream, peach and pepper tartar, yogurt and honey mousse

Chocolate 8 €

Dulce de leche ice cream, chocolate leaves, chocolate soil, Dulcey chocolate ganache, wild blueberries


Fresh leafy salad (portion) 4 €
Homemade bread (portion) 2 €
Couvert 2 €